IP Address Ownership

Radiant Networks own any IP addresses assigned to Client, which are to be used only with the hosted services provided. Use of the IP addresses terminates upon expiration or termination of a service, at which time the IP addresses will be reclaimed and may be re-issued to other customers in the future.

Client-Provided IP Addresses

Radiant Networks does not at this time, provision for clients to provide their own Regional Internet Registry (RIR) issued IP addresses. Radiant Networks cannot guarantee availability of this service in the future.

Review / Justification / Efficiency Guidelines

Because IPv4 addresses are a scarce resource, Upstream providers require Radiant Networks to document that they are efficiently utilizing existing assigned addresses and are planning efficient utilization of any addresses being requested. RIR policies and RFC2050 promote conservation and deter wasteful use or stockpiling of IP space. Radiant Networks is required to abide by these policies when there are requests for additional IP addresses to allocated. Therefore, when requested by Radiant Networks, the client will provide information necessary to enable Radiant Networks to obtain and supply IP addresses to support the clients hosted services with Radiant Networks.

All Client IP address requests are subjected to review by Radiant Networks to ensure efficient utilization and are not guaranteed to be approved. During the review, Client will be required to provide details about how each IP address will be utilized and technical justification as to why additional IP addresses are needed. Radiant Networks may take steps to validate such information, including network scanning and server configuration inspection.

An initial review may take up to 2 business days, and depending on size and complexity, may require additional time for completion. Accounts with open abuse tickets will have their IP requests held for processing until all abuse issues have been resolved.

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