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Is it important to clean my PC?
Yes, regular cleaning will help your computer run smoothly and prolong its lifespan. Dust buildup inside the computer can clog the fan which may lead to overheating!
Are ther any "Dont's" of using public Wi-Fi?
Yes, please remember to never 1.Access sensitive personal data on unsecured public networks. 2.Leave your laptop, tablet or smartphone unattended in a public place. 3.Shop Online when using public Wi-Fi.
What are some of the security services radiant networks offer?
Radiant Networks
1.Sophos Security Solutions 2.SSL Certificates 3.Secure Backup Systems 4.User Policies 5.Secure Online Backups 6.Email and Document Archiving 7.Firewalls & intrusion detection
What are trojans?
Internet Security
Trojans act like thieves. They often run unnoticed in background Applications and Processes, causing an incredibly dangerous Security Threat to your Computer and Personal Data & Information. They reproduce themselves in the system and may cause system crashes in some cases, force CPU burnouts, cause hard drives to fail, System Instability, and open backdoors for Hackers and Spammers to harm your computer.
How can I clean my PC correctly?
Here are a few tips on how to clean your computer: 1. Switch off and unplug your PC. 2. Take your PC outside since a lot of dust will come out. 3. Unscrew the side panel and put the screws somewhere safe. 4. Using a can of compressed air, blast the dust out of the PC. 5. Use a paintbrush to clear any remaining dust. 6. Use a soft cloth to remove all the excess dust. 7. Place back the side panel.
Are ther any "Do's" of using public Wi-Fi?
Yes, please remember to always: 1.Connect to secure public networks whenever possible. 2.Turn off automatic connectivity. 3.Monitor your Bluetooth connectivity.
Which internet security service is the best?
Internet Security
Kaspersky is amongst the worlds leading Internet Security Technology. It is a trusted and secure Anti-Virus & Internet Security Application used by millions of people around the world. System Security is Important if you plan to keep your family, home, and business safe from Hackers, Spammers, and other dangerous criminals around the internet.
Are there any shortcut keys for easy navigation in Microsoft Word?
Shortcut Keys for easy navigation in Microsoft Word
How often should I clean my PC?
Cleaning your computer every other month will help it last longer. Other components such as the mouse, keyboard and monitor should be cleaned more frequently.
Why is website security important?
Here are a few reasons why Website Security is important: 1.Hacked websites target your customers. 2.Stealing sensitive data. 3.Hacking is not just about stealing data – Hackers want to create watering holes where they can hide malware as a way to spread it to any visitors to that site!
What are viruses?
Internet Security
Harmful Programs that corrupt and sometimes Destroy files, folders, Registry Entries, Hardware & Software. Literally thousands exist today. Some Viruses are difficult or near impossible to heal or remove, once they have infected your Operating System. This is why Internet Security is so Important.
What are worms?
Internet Security
Worms are one of the hardest programs to heal or remove. They attach to your registry keys and corrupt anything that you open. They damage files, System DLL files, important files needed to run applications, Operating system files etc. Having a worm on your machine is also a high-security risk, which often results in losing personal data, and corrupting your Operating System’s Functionality. Worms can also attach themselves to Physical Hardware on your Computer, causing it to crash, run slower than usual, or freeze up often.
How can I keep my personal information safe?
Follow the Security Checklist: 1.Install protective software 2.Choose strong passwords 3.Backup regularly 4.Access control 5.Firewalls
How can I reduce Business Security Threats?
Here are some tips to help reduce the risk of security threats: 1.Protect your data and limit access. 2.Customer information and sensitive business information should be well protected. 3.Limit access that users have. 4.Each user should be given their own usernames and passwords. 5.Always use Firewalls 6.Preventing unauthorized access to or from a private network. 7.Have a Backup Plan 8.Make sure that you backup your data regularly to a secure backup system.
What is spyware?
Internet Security
Spyware silently and unnoticeably sends personal information back to Hackers or Bots. Your Banking Credentials, Pin, Password, and other Private Login information are at high risk if your machine becomes infected with a Trojan. Trojans have the capability to track and trace every motion, action, and the internet web page you have visited. All the recorded data then gets sent back to a Hacker or Spammer, putting your Private Information in great Danger.
Any common shortcut keys for Word?
Know your most common Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Microsoft Word!

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