There’s a lot of your life stored inside your phones & tablets – so you need mobile security that helps to keep it all safe!

why use kaspersky mobile security?

Rated BEST Anti-Virus Program of the year in 2020,  and all the below listed features of Kaspersky Internet Security, who wouldn’t want to use such a great
product? Today’s viruses and computer threats are becoming more and more intoxicating to our digital life.

With Kaspersky Internet Security, you have nothing to lose besides well.. Viruses and other threats. Developed by a team of
highly trained Professionals, Kaspersky Internet Security is both easy to use, and user friendly!

Kasperky's mobile antivirus uses Machine Learning to respond to new threats – and block ‘bad apps’ if they detect danger. Suspicious websites and files are automatically blocked and you can manually filter out specific nuisance phone numbers. Plus, the App Lock feature lets you add a secret code to help you control access for specific apps.

In 2018, their mobile antivirus blocked over 150,000 new mobile banking Trojans that were mainly targeting bank accounts!

  • Machine Learning helps block new threats.
  • Manual filtering helps stop nuisance calls.
  • App lock controls access to apps.

Anti-spyware technologies let you know if Kaspersky find spyware that could be monitoring your calls & messages or getting sneaky updates on where you are. So, they make it easier to stop the snoopers spying on your private life!

If your phone is lost or stolen, Kaspersky's Anti-Theft features can be operated remotely – so you can activate an alarm sound on your phone and take a ‘mugshot’ photo of the person currently using your device. The Anti-Theft features also help you to lock your phone, find its location and perform a full reset – to help ensure your confidential data is wiped from your device!

You want your phones & tablets to perform as they’re designed to – and so do Kaspersky. That’s why their security works ‘behind the scenes’, without any fuss.

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Phone: 087 150 1444

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