The global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Legrand’s electrical and digital solutions for building infrastructures – which encompass control and connection interfaces, cable management, energy distribution and data distribution networks – are designed to efficiently manage lighting, energy, networks and building access.

Legrand offers a wide range of services and solutions tailored for industrial, commercial and residential applications, addressing the challenges of performance, scalability and efficiency in communication networks for data transmission.

The new LCS3 structured cabling system meets the demands of rising data volumes, the need for higher data speeds and the escalation of networks exchanged in buildings. All making it necessary to have a more secure, reliable and high performance electrical and digital building infrastructure.

The system is compatible with other Legrand solutions which includes Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and new LCS3 enclosures. These units have been designed for optimized space, allowing easy maintenance and future upgrades. 

Legrand LCS3 Copper Cabling System
The Legrand LCS3 copper cabling system enables increased data transfer speeds in small I.T. environments, workstations, server rooms and data centres. The copper system offers 25Gbps and 40Gbps Ethernet applications and meets the requirements for Local Area Networks (LANs)
Legrand LCS3 Fibre Optic System
Legrand has introduced the MPT/MPO fibre solution which guarantees speed, high performance, resistance and high density. The newly designed patch panels and fibre optic drawers enable a mix of fibre optic and copper, are available in versions from 96 connectors to 144 connectors per unit, providing greater flexibility and optimum efficiency.

Legrand LCS3 Data Centre Enclosure & Aisle Containment - Performance, scalability and efficiency solutions

The newly designed rack servers provide flexibility and optimum efficiency, ensuring optimization of energy. 

The key in design of our products are modularity and flexibility. 

The Legrand LCS3 is ideal for the installation of servers, patch panels, routers, switches and storage equipment. 

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