Network Solutions

Radiant Networks is a specialized ICT infrastructure company providing solutions to homes, SMEs and many other organizations.
We believe in high quality, reliability, efficiency and consistently giving our clients a network, they can trust!

Some of the Network Solutions we offer:

Network Auditing

Copper, Fibre Optic and Wireless Installations.

Existing Networks Upgrades

Network Fault Finding

VoIP Infrastructure Installations

We offer hardware installations such as server room installations, cabinets, switches, firewalls, routers and fibre optic cabling.
We also offer Software products to help you create and maintain the most up-to-date technology environment for your needs, allowing your business to increase its productivity and efficiency.

Copper Advantages

The copper wire gives you a constant and reliable connection to your devices and offer high protection against outside
(cyber) attacks and faster speeds compared to a wireless network.

Copper usually enjoys cheaper endpoint
equipment and is more pliable and more resistant to damage than other Ethernet cabling.

Copper ethernet cabling can be most favourable when used for applications
such as voice, data, building automation, CCTV and Access Control as
devices on the end of the cable can be powered via POE rather than a separate power source.

Wireless Advantages

Wireless networks allow users to access network resources from nearly any location. WiFi networks are convenient,
cost-effective, allows several devices to be connected on a network without the hassle of adding more cabling and allow
users to communicate and be more productive while on the move.

With our strategically selected and trusted brands, we deliver top performance and quality products
designed to give you a smooth-running network.

Fibre optic advantages

Fibre is enjoying rapid growth due its ability for higher transfer speeds and distances.

It can also withstand electromagnetic interferences that often plague other technologies.

It offers High security and a much longer lifecycle compared to the others as well.


Singlemode cable provides higher transmission
speeds, less signal attenuation, and up to 50 times greater
transmission distance than multimode
cable. Singlemode is also more stable than
multimode for systems that have
branching devices, such as couplers.


Multimode fibre provides high bandwidth at high speeds over
short links such as Local Area Network (LANs) and Storage
Area Networks (SANs). Multimode fibre optic cable and
components are easier to work with due largely to the fact
that the core is larger, and alignment tolerances are much
less critical than they are for singlemode fibre.

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